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How to Paint Your House Like a Pro

May 15, 2018

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to paint the house. Whether you want your property in pristine condition for prospective buyers or are just tired of the current paint job, we can help. Check out these ways to paint like a pro, according to DIY Network:

  1. Wait for good weather – We get our fair share of inclement weather here in New Jersey. The last thing you want to do is paint on a rainy day. So take a look at the extended forecast and pick a day that’s dry and not as humid. If you absolutely must paint when it’s humid, be sure to go over any errors before moving on to the next coat.
  2. Buy the best possible products – Most of us try to save money whenever possible. That said, it’s probably not the best idea to pinch pennies with your residential painting project. Keep in mind that low-quality brushes and roller covers fail to provide sufficient coverage. Unless you want to waste time and paint on applying multiple times, we recommend getting the best brushes, roller covers, and painter’s tape before you start.
  3. Protect what you don’t want to be painted – This is a mistake of many rookie painters. Can you imagine paint getting all over the floors, furniture, and hardware? What a mess! Make it a point to invest in plenty of drop cloths and other protective materials. Looking for an easy, effective way to protect doorknobs? Then you might want to consider small plastic sandwich bags secured with tape.
  4. Use primer – There’s no question that paint-and-primer combinations are appealing. After all, they’re made to save homeowners time and money with their projects. However, if there are problems with the wall or it’s been at least eight years since you last painted, it’s best to go with a separate primer.
  5. Box your paint – We’ve all been there before. You decide to take on a painting project yourself and end up going to the hardware store multiple times for cans of paint. Ideally, you should buy it all at once. Rather than use one gallon at a time, you can then combine it all into one large container and mix it thoroughly. This is what’s known as “boxing” your paint. Frankly, it’s a must if you want to keep your color consistent from beginning to end.
  6. Let the roller do its thing – Remember the days when painting your house was an arm workout? That’s certainly not the case any longer. Today’s paints flow on easily, so there’s no need to apply much pressure. Those looking to reach the maximum amount of area with the least effort should take advantage of an extension pole.
  7. Paint from top to bottom – It’s never fun to have unsightly drips and splatters at the end of a paint job. How exactly do the pros avoid these? Well, they paint from top to bottom. Doing so allows them to easily paint right over the mistakes as they make their way down the wall. One more piece of advice here: be sure to leave an area alone once it starts to dry. As tempting as it may be to go back over it, there’s a good chance you’re going to create marks and color streaks on the surface.

About Our Residential Painting Service

Painting a house is easy. However, painting a house like a professional is easier said than done. At DJ’s Painting in New Jersey, we take the stress out of residential painting projects. Homeowners have relied on us for more than three decades and we have yet to disappoint. What exactly makes DJ’s different? Let’s start with the fact that we have experience in all kinds of coating systems. You can count on us to look at your project, write up a detailed estimate, and get the job done right the first time.

DJ’s is more than just another painting company. We can do anything from waterproofing and garage floor epoxy coatings to stucco repair and minor carpentry. Simply put, if you want your property to be in tip-top shape, then you should probably get in touch with our painting service.

DIY painting projects aren’t for every homeowner. Let our residential painter take care of all your coating needs. Contact us today to request an estimate.  

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