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The Most Popular Interior Paint Colors of 2019

January 10, 2019

January is the perfect time to brainstorm home improvement projects. While you might consider major ideas such as a bathroom remodel or kitchen upgrades, why not think about giving several rooms a fresh coat of paint? Here are the eight most popular interior paint colors, as referenced from Decor Aid:


You love hazelnut syrup in your coffee; but what about the choice of hazelnut paint for your living room? Homeowners today appreciate the color’s warm and inviting creamy shades because they pair well with existing furnishings. If you’re looking to brighten up a room or make it appear larger than it is, hazelnut could be the way to go.

Lilac Gray

Don’t find stark, neutral paint color options all that appealing? Lilac-gray makes for an attractive alternative that also includes subtle undertones. There’s no question this is a color choice you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Dark Greens

Maybe you prefer a room that mirrors the feeling of botanicals and being in a nature setting. In this case, you may want to explore dark greens. Pro tip: Use this color for well-lit, large rooms as opposed to small spaces.

Soft Clay

Perhaps you’d like to add a sunny zest or casual elegance to the living room or den. Rather than take a chance with beiges and browns, why not select a soft clay paint color? This trendy option will certainly breathe new life into a space.

Modern Blues

There is a myriad of blues to choose from as you begin your interior painting project. If you’re looking to create a modern, yet casual look, give some thought to “new blues” such as charcoal blue, ice blue, and gray-blue. Don’t forget that any blue you choose should remain subtle and soothing.


Ready to highlight your favorite decor and art like never before? Deep mustard is an ideal choice for creating rich focal accents. Consider mustard for a pop of color here and there, not for the largest room in the house.


Maybe you remember the days when mousy browns and rust paint colors were trendy. Well, we’re here to tell you that shades of mushroom have made a comeback in 2019. This is a unique solution for homeowners with natural furnishings and finishes.


For us at least, the best part about pewter is that one shade works with everything. Good luck trying to find a paint color with that level of versatility! So if you’d rather not have completely white walls, pewter is definitely an option.

For more information on the most popular color trends in 2019 view the article from The Most Chic. They show all the color combinations that are trending this year for things such as weddings, hair colors, clothing colors, and, of course, paint colors!

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