1 – A clean, fresh, and trendy work area makes people more productive

2 – Good curb appeal will increase both sales and the willingness of clients to pay a little more  

3 – Bright, clean work environments are more appealing to employees, making them less likely to call off

A study at Earlham College by Jeffrey Campbell concluded that cleanliness and productivity are directly related. This study was on the productivity of college students, but can also be applied to the workplace. Having a dirty, unkempt work environment can be very distracting, therefore impeding productivity in workers. Also, employees are less likely to want to work in that kind of area, so they are more likely to call off or even become ill from the filth.


Many people do not even realize that their work area is getting dirty, dingy, or just out of date…  It’s kinda the frog in pot situation for most of us, a little scuff here and there, a hand print by the light switch, a chair mark on a wall, a little shadow from an old picture that got moved and, “vala,” your work area is not so nice anymore. No worries… a fresh coat of paint can make the walls, trim, doors, and ceilings look like new again. 

In fact, we strongly recommend setting up a repaint schedule so your work space never looks bad. Let’s say every 3 years you schedule to repaint so you’re ahead of the curve. The gains in productivity, curb appeal, and absenteeism will more than pay for this preventative maintenance program.

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