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Seal Up the Leaky Wall & Increase the -R- Value in 1 Step

October 11, 2017

You may ask, “Why would you want to use a hydrophobic masonry sealer,” the answer is simple:

  1.  To stop mold and mildew growth
  2. To keep your wall from weeping moisture into the building, which causes dangerous black mold and unsightly efflorescence
  3. To stop freeze popping and delamination
  4. To maintain the “R” or insulation value of the masonry wall when wet

Primarily in the northeastern states like NJ, NY and PA, water that gets into the brick or masonry wall and freezes can expand and cause the brick to split. This makes the face of the brick pop and fall off, but this problem can be eradicated by sealing this area of the brick and masonry wall. Water no longer gets into the brick, thus eliminating the possibility of freeze popping. Everyone knows moisture is the cause of mold. Most people tasked with managing a building with brick or split face block are accustomed to either pressure washing or soft washing the building to get rid of the mold and mildew. If the wall is sealed with a hydro phobic sealer, it will not need to be washed to remove mold for as long as a decade.

Will it work on concrete?

Concrete is basically a hard sponge. It will soak up water and slowly release it after the water has stop being added.  The amount of water that will move through a masonry surface varies on the density/porosity of the mixture. For example, a brick is much denser that a split face block, so it will allow water to pass through it much slower. However, they are not as large so they tend to weep just as easily as spit face block. Concrete walls are often coated with high density paints or elastomeric coatings and sealed very well so they do not get wet from wind driven rains like un protected natural brick or bare block walls. The applications where a natural look of the masonry surface is desired, painting will not be an option and most of the clear sealers on the market that are capable of getting the job done will leave a sheen and be noticed. We have found very few that will keep the wall dry and not be visible.

There are many masonry sealers on the market: some that leave a sheen on the surface and some that are completely invisible when they are dry.  Most of the sealers slightly reduce the penetration, but the better sealer that will stop penetration have a sheen, meaning they make the surface somewhat shiny.  At DJ’s Painting, we use Floor Skinz Clear Hydrophobic sealer as it is the best clear hydrophobic sealer on the market.  It makes any surface 100% hydrophobic, which means the water literally jumps off the surface not ever allowing the masonry area it was applied to get wet. This product is great for NJ, NY, DE, and MD shore areas, due to all the Nor’easter storms that inevitably hit every fall. These storms force wind driven rains against the masonry walls of every home, commercial building, and condominium along the shore.  Floor Skinz Hydrophobic sealer last 2-3 years on flat surfaces like a driveway and about 7-10 years on a vertical surface like a wall.

This amazing sealer can be applied either by our professional painters or as a DIY project.  It can be purchased at Spray-flex.com

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