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How Paint Colors Affect You, Part 4: Yellow

June 20, 2017

If you’re enlisting the help of a painting contractor, they might steer you toward or away from certain colors, depending on the room. In our previous blogs we’ve discussed three very different colors and how they affect you. Red is the color of passion, but it makes sleeping difficult. It also makes people more impulsive at restaurants, causing them to order more food than they otherwise might. Green has a calming effect, mostly because it reminds people of their peaceful times in nature. And Baker-Miller Pink seems to have the amazing ability to calm you much more than green, to the point where aggression all but disappears.

Today we’re going to take a look at yellow. Where should you use it, and, more importantly, where shouldn’t you use it? Let’s take a look.

Yellow is Cheerful…

Yellow is a warm and cheerful color, and people who walk into a room are quickly put into a better mood. After all, yellow reminds us of sunflowers and daisies. It also brings the sun to mind, which is something we’re drawn to because we need the Vitamin D sunlight helps our bodies manufacture. (Technically the sun is white, but it’s yellow in children’s crayon drawings. We’re working with impression here!). A yellow room is warm and comforting as well, making many of us want to curl up like a cat.

…But Also Infuriating

Spend a bit of time in a yellow room and you’re comforted, like getting into a warm car after a meal. But, much like when you’re in that warm car for too long, you start to get uncomfortable after a few minutes. People are actually more likely to get feelings of anger and frustration, often losing their tempers more easily. Oh, and don’t paint the nursery yellow: babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.

Yellow can increase human metabolism, which might make it a good choice for gyms. At the same time, the extra aggression that it causes could cause a bit too many arguments over who gets the elliptical machine next.

Use It To Get Attention…

What are the colors of the McDonald’s sign? Yellow and red. Yellow gets your attention, while red makes you act impulsively and pull into the drive-thru. If you want to get someone’s attention, yellow is the most attention-getting of all colors.

…But Don’t Use It Too Much

Yellow is one of the most common colors to cause eye strain. The color gets a person’s attention because it stands out so well against blue skies and brick buildings, but it’s getting that attention because it’s reflecting so much light. All of that reflection means that the eyes have to work overtime, which translates to eye fatigue. Yellow is great if you’re designing a logo, but it’s not often that you want to get someone’s attention with an entire bedroom.

So, When Should Homes Use Yellow?

Yellow is a good choice for rooms that you want cheery but don’t spend too much time in. If you have a formal dining room, yellow might be a good choice. Bathrooms are perhaps the room that can most benefit from this color, as yellow can amplify the light from the smaller windows.

No matter what colors you choose, DJ’s painting is ready to help you make the most of your home. When you need interior or exterior painting, contact us and we’ll get the colors right.

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