1. Have your sites surveyed and photographed by a professional painting company so there is a total understanding of the details and condition of each and every site. Also have the sites photographed will help to make sure any areas of concern are properly addressed.
  2. Get a fully detailed quote that is site specific or have all potentials variables accounted for in the scope of work. This will help to keep the possibilities of the dreaded “EXTRA” from coming up. A little extra communication can go a long way to maintaining a healthy working relationship.
  3. Have your painter set up with the manufacturer a complete specification to include all colors, specific products, application systems and warranties for your project. In many cases the warranty can be extended out for several years, and may also cover labor as well as material. For information specific to your needs please contact us by clicking here.
  4. Get a repaint price and date for the next time you plan to paint. Do this now to lock in your price and be sure the warranty covers you until the next scheduled painting so you are always covered. This is especially important on exterior work with primary colors.
  5. If your project is a exterior, set up a schedule of pressure washing or cleaning so that your facility always looks clean and fresh between paintings. This also helps maintain the coating so it lasts as long as possible. This cleaning should be completed by the firm warranting the job so the warranty isn’t voided by improper cleaning. Set up your pressure wash and cleaning today by clicking here!